quinta-feira, 14 de abril de 2011

WhiteBoyz On Wax ( Just Cause, The Dirtball, Saint Dog, Chucky Styles and more)

1. Lil D Interlude
2. The Realness by Just Cause, Chucky Styles
3. Chuck Interlude
4. Lean Back by Just Cause, The Dirtball, Big Hoss
5. Believe Me by Just Cause
6. Hear Me Now by Just Cause, Erick Sermon
7. Whiteboyz by Petah Roy
8. Chuck Interlude
9. Whoop Whoop by Just Cause
10. Gillies Interlude
11. Hail Mary by Just Cause, Chucky Styles, Gillies
12. D.O.G by Just Cause, Snoop Dogg
13. Protect Yo Chest by Just Cause
14. U Should Learn by Prawphit
15. Put Em Up by Just Cause
16. Let Me Pole You
17. OPM Interlude
18. Guns N Noses by Just Cause, Chucky Chuck
19. On The Move
20. Come Get Me by Just Cause
21. House of Pain by Just Cause, 2pac, Biggie Smalls
22. The Movement
23. AKA Suge White by Just Cause
24. Chuck Interlude
25 Henchmen Anthem by Royal Henchmen aka Chucky Chuck and Just Cause
26. Mason Interlude
27. 99 Problems by Just Cause, Chucky Styles, Saint Dog, Half Price
28. All About The $ by Just Cause
29. It Wasn't Me Freestyle by Just Cause

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